About SLAC Today

Internal Home Page

SLAC Today is SLAC’s internal home page designed specifically for lab employees and staff and accessible only to those with a SLAC Windows or UNIX account. Managed by the Office of Communications, it's essentially a single page where you can find frequently used links, internal resources and the news and information you need.

Daily Email Newsletter

In addition to the home page, Communications sends an automated SLAC Today daily email newsletter to internal subscribers. This newsletter only includes content that has been newly published to the home page since the previous day’s email. Anyone with a SLAC Windows or UNIX account can opt to receive the email by subscribing here.

Content Approval

Before submitting an announcement, ensure the content has been vetted and approved by the appropriate member(s) of lab management. In most cases, this is the manager responsible for the subject area, such as the department/division manager, the organizer for events or classes, etc.

How to Submit an Announcement

Anyone with a SLAC Windows or UNIX username and password can submit SLAC Today announcements for publication on the internal home page. Submissions must be relevant for a lab-wide audience.

When to Submit an Announcement

Please submit announcements 48 working hours before you want them published on the internal home page. If you need an announcement published with less than 48 hours’ notice, complete the online form and email or call SLAC’s internal communications coordinator at ext. 4289.

Communications edits all submissions for news style and clarity, contacting submitters if additional information or significant changes are needed.

Announcements will appear on the internal home page for a maximum of five business days or until they are pushed off of the page by newer content. All articles continue to appear in the SLAC Today archives, which you can access from the internal home page by clicking on "View Lab News Archive."

Types of Announcements

Each type of announcement below appears in its own section of SLAC Today. Events also appear on one of SLAC's three separate event calendars.

  Announcement Type

  Where Published   Content Type
  Lab Announcement

  Depending on content, announcements appear either the
  Lab News (center, middle) or SLAC Science (center,
  bottom) sections of the internal home page.

  Communications may also promote announcements to
  the Feature section (center, top) based on their timeliness
  and significance as compared with all current lab and
  science news.

  Any SLAC-specific news or information that is relevant
  to a lab-wide audience.

  • Science news and information goes in the SLAC Science section
  • All other lab news and information goes in the Lab news section
  Calendar   Events from SLAC’s three separate event calendars
  (Scientific, Staff and Training) are consolidated in the
  Upcoming Events section of the internal home page (left,

  The event calendars are divided into three categories:

  • Scientific events include conferences, seminars, colloquia, public lectures, etc.
  • Training events include classes and workshops open to SLAC staff and users
  • Staff events include staff celebrations, all-hands meetings, payroll dates, etc.

  Note:  All three calendars can be viewed simultaneously
  by selecting "View All Upcoming Events" on the internal
  home page or by selecting the "All" tab (top, right) on the
  calendar page.

  Access Notice   Notices appear in the Access Information section of the
  internal home page (left, middle).

  Any information about closures or outages that impact
  SLAC staff, such as road closures and computing and
  phone outages



















Submission Guidelines

News should be a quick read, so aim to be clear and to the point.

  • Put new information first, for readers with limited time
  • At minimum, include who is doing the action, what is happening, when, where and why it's relevant or important to SLAC staff
  • If staff are likely to have questions, provide contact information
  • Use plain English; translate any field-specific terminology (jargon) into everyday words
  • Keep it short; 100 to 500 words is typical
  • Suggest a short headline that points to the heart of what's new or unique about your announcement
  • Items cannot support, or appear to support, a commercial business; see the Use of SLAC Information Resources Guidelines

Lab Announcement Submission Template

Announcement Type   Select "Lab Announcement" from drop-down menu
Title   Use a short, explanatory headline
Publish From Date   Enter desired publication start date
Publish To Date   Enter desired publication end date
Byline   Provide name of the organization that "owns" the content (i.e., SLAC Office of Communications or SLAC
  Human Resources)
Content Selection   Select the radio button for "Please create a new Web page"
Body   Enter text or use the Paste from Word option to cut and paste text from a Word document
Image (optional)

  Upload an image; minimum size 580 pixels wide or 375 pixels high (note that images are required for content
  to appear in the Feature section of the internal home page)

Note to editor (optional)   If needed, provide Communications with additional information regarding your submission
Tags   Select the keywords that describe the announcement and will help staff find it later when searching; for
  example, the organization(s) that own the content

The Flea Market

The SLAC Flea Market is a place for SLAC staff to post personal items for sale, rent or wanted. The Office of Communications reviews, approves and publishes submissions to the Flea Market within 48 working hours.

Please note that items cannot support or appear to support an ongoing outside business or non-profit organization; see the Use of SLAC Information Resources Guidelines.


We want your input! Please send feedback to the Office of Communications.