Symposium to Honor Synchrotron Proponent Herman Winick to be Held in October

June 27, 2012

Colleagues of Herman Winick, deputy director emeritus of SSRL, announced on June 27 – the day he turns 80 – that a one-day symposium is being planned for Tuesday, Oct. 2. The event, scheduled to lead into the 2012 LCLS/SSRL Users' Meeting at SLAC, will honor Winick's championing of synchrotron radiation since he came to Stanford in the 1970s to lead the technical design of what was then known as the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Project.

A website for the symposium, "Instruments of Discovery: Past and Future of Synchrotron Light Sources," is now online, featuring a full agenda and dinner registration. The event will be held in the Quadrus Conference Center, which is directly across from SLAC, at 2400 Sand Hill Road. 

Winick is best known for his leadership role, starting in the mid-1970s, in the development of wiggler and undulator insertion devices as advanced synchrotron radiation sources. In 1992, he initiated studies – along with Claudio Pellegrini (UCLA) – of the possibility of constructing  an X-ray laser using the SLAC linac.

This project became the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS). He has also been active internationally to promote the develop of facilities in many countries, the latest of which is SESAME, a UNESCO-sponsored project which is now constructing a synchrotron radiation laboratory in Jordan, with nine countries in the Middle East participating.

Winick's peers anticipate an exciting symposium to celebrate his significant accomplishments, and more information will become available on the LCLS/SSRL Users’ Meeting website as the program develops. The symposium will be open to the public, subject to venue seating capacity.

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