SUSB Weekly Update: Food Truck Plan Revised; Local Restaurants Now Offer Discounts

August 27, 2013

Construction of SLAC’s new Science and User Support Building (SUSB), which will serve as the “front door” to the laboratory, will begin in the fall and is expected to take 25 months, with occupancy anticipated by the end of 2015. Leading up to construction, the project team will share new bits of information on a weekly basis to keep you up to date on our progress.

What’s new this week?

1.  The food truck plan has changed since our last update on Aug. 13:

  • For the first month of temporary food service, Sept. 3-30, one food truck will be on site and it will stop at one location. During this period, the Stanford-operated Cardinal Chef Mobile Gourmet food truck will provide sandwiches and grill items at SLAC Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in front of Building 27. We anticipate peak lunch hours to be 12-12:30 p.m.
  • No later than Oct. 1, Stanford’s third-party vendor will provide multiple food trucks, which will stop at both Building 27 and Building 950.

2.  Local restaurants now offer SLAC discounts:

  • Eric’s Gourmet deli, located at 325 Sharon Park Drive in Menlo Park, now offers SLAC employees a discount through their "frequent buyer" program. Ask for a frequent buyer sandwich card and show your badge when buying a sandwich to get two stamps on the card, instead of the usual single stamp. After five purchases, you’ll get a free sandwich. Frequent buyer cards are also available at SLAC's security badging office in Building 235.
  • Portola Kitchen, located at 3130 Alpine Road in Portola Valley, now offers SLAC employees a 10 percent discount when you show your badge.
  • We’re working with more local restaurants on other possible discounts.

3.  Signs will be posted at the cafeteria and Panofsky Auditorium this week to remind staff that both buildings will be closed starting Saturday. As
     previously mentioned, the ATM will be relocated to the lobby of the Stanford Guest House.

Below are the SUSB construction impacts and plans. For more information about the project, read past stories, visit the SUSB website or contact SUSB Project Manager Chandler Eason at ext. 6269.

Cafeteria and Catering

SLAC’s cafeteria will close at the end of the day on Friday, Aug. 30, and temporary lunch service in the form of food trucks will begin Tuesday, Sept. 3.

  • Building 27 will be renovated to provide indoor seating for about 48 people and the grass area south of the building will house the picnic tables currently located outside of the cafeteria, providing additional seating for about 24 people.
  • A coffee kiosk will be constructed on the southwest side of the Stanford Guest House to offer coffee, tea and light breakfast and lunch options throughout the work day during construction.
  • Catering services will continue to be provided by Stanford through their food truck vendor.

Panofsky Auditorium

The Panofsky Auditorium will also close at the end of the day on Friday, Aug. 30, to allow time to store, salvage and recycle much of its equipment and materials.

  • Conference and seminar planners should use Kavli Auditorium, locations on the Stanford campus or other off-site venues.
  • Lab director all-hands meetings will be held in Kavli with a live video stream available online.

Parking & Construction Site

  • The existing parking lot C, located east of the cafeteria, will remain partially open during SUSB construction until 2015, when the contractor will install a new parking lot and landscape improvements.
  • A temporary parking lot for subcontractors only will be located northwest of the Stanford Guest House and adjacent to Loop Road.
  • The SUSB construction site will be enclosed with a construction fence to maintain safe operations.
  • All staging and construction office trailers will be located within the SUSB construction site.

Visitor Center, ATM, etc.

  • The Visitor Center will also close Friday, Aug. 30, and its items will be stored during SUSB construction.
  • The ATM in the Panofsky breezeway will be removed by Aug. 30 and relocated to the lobby of the Stanford Guest House.
  • The ASME National Historic Engineering Landmark plaque, the "Panofsky Auditorium" letters mounted on the exterior wall of the auditorium, and the "Waveguide Sculpture" will be stored for future reuse in SUSB.