Double-core Team at AMO

Photo - Three scientists stand next to spectrometer at LCLS


June 12, 2012

From left: Uppsala University's Melanie Mucke, Uppsala Professor Raimund Feifel and John Eland, a professor in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory at Oxford University and a guest professor at Uppsala. The three have participated in studies of depleted electron states in molecules known as "double core-hole" states.

Team members stand by a 2-meter-long magnetic bottle time-of-flight spectrometer, dubbed FELCO (for Free-Electron Laser Correlation), created by Eland. The spectrometer is named for its bottle-like arrangement of magnets. Researchers utilized FELCO for experiments at the LCLS Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science (AMO) instrument in mid-May.

Photo by Matt Beardsley